“Put Em On Ice” by Lil Durk

“Put Em On Ice” appears to be the only song on the playlist of Lil Durk’s “Almost Healed”, at least out of the 10 we have looked at thus far, which primarily centers on money-based braggadocio. 

The song features a plethora of references to expensive name brands. This is clearly the rapper’s way of letting the audience know that he does in fact have it like that. Furthermore, it can even be theorized that the “ice” in the title serves as a metaphor for pricey jewelry, i.e. diamonds. 

What’s the meaning of “Put Em On Ice”?

As far as the titular term’s utilization in the chorus, it can be taken as perhaps Lil Durk’s indirect way of expressing his ideology of sharing the wealth. However, the second verse would further imply that he’s particularly dedicated to that case as far as his closest associates are concerned.

“Put her on ice, she play
Put on my ice, I’m safe
My lil’ brother, he carry a Drac’
And I told him ain’t nobody safe
And I told him ain’t nobody safe”

Facts behind “Put Em On Ice”

“Put Em on Ice” is one of 21 tracks that came out as part of the standard playlist of Durkio’s eighth-studio album, “Almost Healed”. The project’s official release date is 26 May 2023.

Lil Durk wrote this song with its producer, Chopsquad DJ.

This track was made public through Lil Durk’s personal label, Only The Family, in conjunction with these labels:

  • Sony Music Entertainment
  • Alamo Records
Put Em On Ice

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