“Cross the Globe” by Lil Durk (ft. Juice WRLD)

On “Cross the Globe”, which was dropped on 26 May 2023, we find Lil Durk teaming up with fellow Chi-town hip-hop artist Juice WRLD. The really interesting thing about this collaboration though is that the latter passed away over three years ago. 

But that said they have teamed up before, on Durk’s 2018 “Don’t Talk to Me (Remix)”. And logic would dictate that if Juice hadn’t unexpectedly passed away in 2019, they likely would have gotten around to dropping more tracks together.

This song came out on the aforementioned date as part of Durk’s eighth-studio album, “Almost Healed”.  The writers of the track, besides Lil Durk and Juice WRLD, are its producers, Charlie Handsome and Wheezy. And the labels behind the effort are Alamo Records alongside Durk’s Only The Family.

Cross the Globe

Lyrics of “Cross the Globe”

The chorus of “Cross the Globe” revolves around a story where Juice WRLD is able to ultimately convince his girl to sleep with his “bro” also, and he’s able to do so using his wealth. That narrative sorta sets the tone for the rest of the track, which, to some degree, centers on Durk’s wealth and sexual conquests. But overall this song is generally braggadocious in nature, pointing to Smurkio’s success.

For instance, the rapper noting that he “gave out scholarships” can be interpreted, on one hand, as a genuinely charitable gesture. But more to the point of why he’s mentioning that fact, in context, is to point to having the money to do so to begin with. 

Furthermore, as appears may be a subtheme permeating throughout “Almost Healed”, Durk is using that recently-launched scholarship fund more specifically to let the world know that he’s not as bad of a person as “the internet” tends to paint him.

As for the title, it is never mentioned in the lyrics. But all things considered, it is likely meant to allude to the vocalist(s) having enough money to travel where he wants.

“Uh, fell in love with her tongue, yeah, told bro he gotta try some
She say, ‘Ni–a, is you dumb? I ain’t f–kin’ both of y’all, only just one’
Then she seen that money come, me countin’ up Benjamin Franklins
Yeah, when she seen that, she took my brother to the room and said, ‘I’ll be right back’”

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