Lil Durk’s “Sad Songs” Meaning

“Sad Songs” is a track that Durkio wrote with Booka600, Haze and TouchofTrent, with the latter two also producing the track. It is featured on the vocalist’s album “Almost Healed”, with the song being made public on 26 May 2023 through Only the Family, the label Durk founded in 2010, alongside the more-recently initiated Alamo Records.

Sad Songs

What is “Sad Songs” all about?

This is sort of a love song, in that the lyrics seem to primarily center on the vocalist gushing over, or in the very least observing a romantic interest he obviously admires. And accordingly a good part of the wording is explicitly dedicated to their sex life, in addition to alluding to how well Durk treats her. But what isn’t abundantly clear is why this track is titled “sad songs”.

Said title, as implied in the chorus, seems to point to the general idea of romances often being contentious or troubled. Or as implied by Durkio pretty much from the get-go, he’s not the type to trust women. And as further relayed at the conclusion of the second verse, the vocalist has a less-than-ideal romantic past, such as suffering through being “cheated on” and “a miscarriage”, which now has him “heartless” when it comes to dealing with the fairer sex.

But lyrically, “Sad Songs” isn’t actually a sad song per se. However, the rapper does use the opportunity to reveal that he does know how it feels to experience romantic heartbreak.

“I’m said I’m sorry, told you the stories
And you ain’t explain it enough
I said I’m sorry, I said I’m sorry
I hate you think that I’m tough”

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