“War Bout It” by Lil Durk (ft. 21 Savage)

On “War Bout It”, which is part of Lil Durk’s LP “Almost Healed”, the Chi-town rapper teams up with one of his regular collaborators, ATL-based 21 Savage. The two emcees co-wrote this track with its producer, Metro Boomin who, for the records, hails from St. Louis. And besides for Durk’s Only The Family label, the other behind “War Bout It” is Alamo Records.

War Bout It

Lyrics of “War Bout It”

There’s a lot going on in this song, especially as far as Lil Durk’s verse is concerned, which reads as if it is replete with shrouded messages alluding to his real street life. But of note is, while concurrently touting himself as a gangsta, Durkio also sets about trying to prove that he’s a charitable person.

21 Savage though comes off more like a straight-up violent criminal. And even if some of the lyrics are heavily poetic, the primary message of this piece is clear, which is the vocalists expressing a disdain for snitches. 

Or as relayed some criminals, such as a number of fellow rappers presumably, have the tendency to blab about their crimes. But as Savage argues, “if you catch a murder, keep it to yourself”. And he relatedly puts forth a notion that if someone were to snitch, then said individual would have to live the rest of his life with the associated stigma.

Meanwhile, it has been concluded that the title of this song, as utilized in the chorus, serves as a roundabout diss towards Quando Rondo, one of a few rappers who is known to have been feuding with Lil Durk of late. Or whoever it is those lyrics are relayed to, it is clear that Durk desires to “go to war” with the person rather than squash beef.

“If you ever been involved, you can’t talk about it (Shh)
I seen a killer do an interview, he tellin’, tellin’ (You f–ked me up)
Why you ain’t never clear that rumor up? You know I’m valid (You f–ked me up)
See, I ain’t respond on Instagram, I know how to go about it (I know how to go about it)
Since he died, just come outside and go to war about him (Bi–h-a–)
He say, ‘No,’ I’m thinkin’ he let a ho got him (Go, go, no)
He say, ‘No,’ I say, ‘Let’s go to war about it’ (Go, go, no)
Where he go? You better know the morgue got him (Yeah, man, what?)”

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