“Stand By Me” by Lil Durk (ft. Morgan Wallen)

A list rapper Lil Durk and country star Morgan Wallen did team up before, on a 2021 single called “Broadway Girls”, which proved to be a notable hit. As for “Stand by Me”, it is from the former’s studio album “Almost Healed”, which came out through Alamo and Only the Family on 26 May 2023.


Morgan Wallen and Lil Durk wrote this song with another contemporary music legend, Dr. Luke, who also produced the track.

Stand By Me

The Lyrics of “Stand By Me”

It is made obvious based on the nature of the chorus and second verse that this is a song which centers on the vocalist questioning the commitment of the addressee, his significant other. In other words Lil Durk may be chillin’ now, but he ponders “what if it all goes south”, as in experiencing a streak of bad luck “for good this time”. 

He wants to know if the addressee will still remain by his side.  And if not, he would rather she bounce than wasting his time, thus implying that this is someone the rapper perceives as a potential spouse.

“If tomorrow I lost it all
And everything that I have was gone
When there’s nobody else to call
Would you stand by me, would you stand by me?”

As for the first verse, despite it being very-simple lyrically, the specifics of the narrative Durk is putting forth are not abundantly clear. But it does read as if he and the addressee have faced relationship-based challenges before and prevailed nonetheless, in that she forgave him for cheating. And that meant a lot to Durk, showing him that his boo wasn’t the type to just bounce like that.

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