“Thought You Should Know” by Morgan Wallen

“Thought You Should Know” is a message from the vocalist to his mother. Morgan, who is actually known for being a wild dude, acknowledges such in the first verse, that he has a tendency to ‘make bad decisions’. And as inferred, he has been this way even prior to his celebrity days. Well, mom picked up on that also and accordingly has been praying for him throughout the years.

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So what it is he ‘thinks she should know’, as in the message of this song, is Wallen deducing that said prayers have actually been working. In other words, the success and stability he now enjoys, he traces back to the love of his mother. And on top of that, this song is basically intended to let the vocalist’s mother know that he has her on his mind, even when he may neglect to call her in a timely fashion.

Lyrics to "Thought You Should Know"

“Thought You Should Know”

This track came out on 6 May 2022, shortly before Mother’s Day, which was held on 8 May of said year.

Morgan first teased this song in May of 2021, about a year before its official release. And it ended up being a product of Big Loud Records and Republic Records.

This song was co-written by another famous country music singer, Miranda Lambert, in conjunction with Morgan Wallen and Nicolle Galyon. The producer of the track is tenured behind-the-scenes’ man Joey Moi.

Morgan does have a lot to celebrate, as he’s currently one of the hottest artists on the country music scene. For instance, his most recent LP, “Dangerous: The Double Album”, was a Billboard 200 chart topper, in addition to thus far achieving RIAA double-platinum status. And “Thought You Should Know”, is theoretically part of Wallen’s third studio album.

Thought You Should Know

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  1. Space Cowboy says:

    What a beautiful testament to a mother’s never ending love. I just “thought you should know” .

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