“One Thing at a Time” by Morgan Wallen

Don’t be fooled by the title (“One Thing at a Time”), as this is actually a country love song or more accurately put, a heartbreak track. What is ascertainable from the onset is that the addressee is a romantic interest of the vocalist and furthermore, as the lyrics read, his ex.

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As for the titular metaphor, it isn’t the easiest to understand even in context. But what it seems Morgan is putting forth is an idea like, as a man, he only has the propensity to confront “one” bad habit “at a time”. 

Or viewed from another angle, due to the way the woman he loves is treating him, he is likewise compelled to make an effort to erase her from his system. But doing so will require so much energy that other practices he’s been able to quit of late, such as drinking and smoking, are bound to reemerge. 

The narrator appears to be unable to successfully split his focus on ‘kicking’ a bunch of different “habits” simultaneously, not when trying to forget about his significant other is also part of the equation.

And with that said, where the logic of this song is faulty, if you will, is in Wallen actually proceeding to equate his love for the addressee with negative acts such as “burn(ing) the bar down” for instance. But the point he’s out to make is effectively relayed nonetheless. And that is the vocalist we’re met with here having a number of personal issues which need confronting. But if he must also add getting over the addressee to that list, then all of the other problems are going to have to take a backseat for the time being.

Morgan Wallen, "One Thing at a Time" Lyrics

Release Date of “One Thing at a Time”

This track was released on 2 December 2022 as part of a project which itself is titled “One Thing at a Time (Sampler)”. 

Apparently what all that means is that this song, as well as the other two included – “Days That End in Why” and “Tennessee Fan” – are to be featured on Morgan Wallen’s next studio album, which will be his third and at this time has yet to be announced or granted a title.

It has also been reported that in 2023, Wallen, whose last studio LP “Dangerous: The Double Album” (2021) topped the Billboard 200 and has thus far gone quadruple-platinum stateside, will be embarking on what has been dubbed as the “One Night at a Time World Tour”.  And as for this very song, as of this writing (a couple of days after its release) it is holding down the number one spot on the US iTunes Top Songs chart.


Morgan Wallen authored this song with the following:

  • Ernest
  • Charlie Handsome
  • Ashley Gorley

Its producer is Joey Moi.

One Thing at a Time

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    Love it and him.

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    Paige i love u more with each passing moment crucifying my humility and resolve but i dont have the care to change anything about myself anymore as i have a deeper innerstanding of myself and what i know to be transcendent of all obstacles, sucks i cant make u see like you did for me even if it was 13 years later, it has given me what i said u took from me(my belief in God) and has showed me my “weakness” has been anything but the actions associated with that grouping of Keys Ov Gnosis

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