Morgan Wallen’s “Whiskey Glasses” Lyrics Meaning

“Whiskey Glasses” by American singer Morgan Wallen is centered on the singer trying to mitigate the pain of a freshly-broken heart with some good ol’ fashioned whiskey. He finds himself is in such inner turmoil that he wants to get so inebriated he forgets about his ex. Indeed the whole situation seems to have sucked the joy out of his soul. And his mind is plagued with thoughts such as his ex “probably making out on the couch right now” with some other dude.

Lyrics of "Whiskey Glasses"

In the second verse, we see that he has apparently reached his goal of getting quite boozed, as he has to basically beg the bartender into giving him another drink. However, his heartbreak is still present. And he has concluded that the only way to get over this debilitating emotion is by ‘knocking back’ as many glasses of whiskey as he possibly can. Indeed looking at the world through the perspective of a whiskey glass is the only way his mind doesn’t get preoccupied with thoughts of his ex.

Facts about “Whiskey Glasses”

  • “Whiskey Glasses” came out as a single on the 30th of July 2018. It was written by Ben Burgess in partnership with songwriter, Kevin Kadish.
  • Music producer, Joey Moi, produced “Whiskey Glasses”.
  • The track is featured on Wallen’s maiden album called If I know Me, whichwas released on 27th April 2018. It also appears on some of the singer’s EPs, such as The Way I talk (of 2016) and Morgan Wallen (of 2018).
  • Justin Clough directed the video for this track.    
  • “Whiskey Glasses” had a great performance on the charts of Billboard magazine’s Hot Country Songs and Country Airplay, charting at No. 8 and No. 11 respectively.
  • The song also peaked at No. 58 on the Canadian Hot 100 charts.

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  1. Joe says:

    Whiskey glasses 🥃 means seeing thru glasses 👓 when intoxicated with whiskey… lol just got it

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