“Flower Shops” by ERNEST & Morgan Wallen

ERNEST & Morgan Wallen’s “Flower Shops” is centered on a tumultuous romantic relationship between the vocalist and addressee, with the former more or less admitting that the less-than-ideal state of things is his fault. 

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In both of the verses but the first especially, he alludes to the notion that he may have some issues with drug abuse or in the very least tends to turn to substances like alcohol and pills on the really bad days, such as this one, between him and his sweetheart. 

But the vocalist doesn’t read like someone who is an A-hole at heart, as he also recognizes the need to extend an olive branch – or in the case of a romance roses, violets and daisies – to make things right between himself and the woman he loves. 

And that brings us to the title of the song, where Morgan and Ernest put forth that one beneficiary of such troubled relationships are flower shops. Within this context, that symbolizes the business men most often resort to when they do something romantically damaging

And by the looks of things the vocalist has done something very much emotionally destructive, even more so than the norm, to the addressee. So the aforementioned flowers also serve as a symbolic construct – ultimately, when also taking the reference to “thrones” into consideration, pointing to the notion that a physical gift cannot actually rectify recurring issues in the relationship. 

But again, one thing we can say about this particular vocalist is that in the least he appears to be genuinely penitent. But he is also wise enough to recognize that at the end of the day, there’s only so much abuse a loved one can take.

"Flower Shops" Lyrics

Who wrote “Flower Shops”?

Ernest, a musician from Nashville, wrote this song. He composed it alongside Mark Holman and Ben Burgess. And “Flower Shops” was produced by regular Morgan Wallen collaborator Joey Moi.

As the story goes, Ernest was initially inspired to write this song by John Daly, who some readers would recognize as actually being a famous golfer. Or rather it was interacting with Daly which prompted him to dig through old songs by country music legend George Jones (1931-2013). And one of these George Jones songs that particularly caught his attention was “A Good Year for the Roses” (1971). Actually the aforementioned song directly inspired “Flower Shops”.

Is this Ernest’s first collaboration with Morgan Wallen?

“Flowers Shops” marks the first time Ernest has co-headlined a song with Morgan Wallen, with the latter concurrently being the more popular of the two. However, Ernest, as a behind-the-scenes’ man, was heavily involved in the creation of Wallen’s “Dangerous: The Double Album”, which came out earlier in 2021. 

When was “Flower Shops” released?

Big Loud Records released this track on 31 December 2021.

That said, fans of the vocalists knew about this song for some time prior to its release. This is because Morgan Wallen first performed it in early-August of 2021. It was also during the said performance that he revealed that it was a duet with Ernest.

Flower Shops

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