“Days That End in Why” by Morgan Wallen

The title of this song (“Days That End in Why”) is sort of a double entendre. On one hand, it can be heard as ‘days that end in Y’, which of course would be every day of the week. But as indicated by the title, the more proper hearing of the phrase would be “days that end in why”.

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“Why” is a question we commonly ask when something happens for reasons we don’t understand. And in this case, what the vocalist is questioning is along the lines of how come the relationship between him and the addressee, his ex, dissolve.

All things considered, that is most likely a rhetorical question. In other words, he likely has some type of in-depth understanding as to why the two of them broke up. So it’s more as if Morgan is questioning fate, if you will, rather then levying that query towards himself or the addressee. 

And also going back to ‘days that end in Y’, what that side of the entendre would represent is the disappointment of losing the woman he loves being something which bothers the narrator on a daily basis.

So once again, we are met with a track centered on a vocalist who is in his feelings post-breakup. And in this particular case he tries to minimize the associated disappointment by drowning it out with booze but is still left wondering as to “why” it had to end.

Lyrics to "Days That End in Why"

Release of “Days That End in Why”

“Days That End in Why” is one of three songs Morgan Wallen dropped on 2 December 2022, as part of an EP basically which is titled “One Thing At a Time (Sampler)”. As reported, these tracks are meant to serve as an appetizer for his forthcoming third studio LP, which will be the follow-up to his highly successful 2021 outing, “Dangerous: The Double Album”.


This particular song was written by the trio of John Byron, Driver Williams and Blake Pendergrass. And its producer is Joey Moi, a regular collaborator of the vocalist.

Days That End in Why

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