“Everything I Love” by Morgan Wallen

With “Everything I Love” being released on 31 January 2023, Morgan Wallen can concurrently be counted as one of the hottest country singers of the day. For instance, every solo single he’s dropped from the onset of his discography in 2016 into early 2022 have been certified RIAA multiple-platinum. Therefore the industry is looking forward to the issuance of his third LP, “One Thing at a Time”, which Big Loud and Republic are intending to make public about a month after the dropping of this track.

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Joey Moi, who produced Wallen’s two previous LPs, “If I Know Me” (2018) and “Dangerous: The Double Album”, has returned to serve that role on “One Thing at a Time”. 

The writers of this song “Everything I Love”, besides Wallen, are Charlie Handsome, Ernest and Ashley Gorley.


There have already been a couple of singles released in advance of the album, “You Proof” and “Thought You Should Know“, which respectively came out in 2022. But on the same day as “Everything I Love”, two other tracks from the LP also officially hit the ‘net, those being “I Wrote the Book” and “Last Night”.  However, it has been firmly noted that this particular song is the better sounding of the three.


It may take more than one going through of these lyrics to fully grasp what Morgan is getting at when he tells his ex, the addressee, that she ‘ruined damn near everything he loves’. But going back to the first verse, what’s being implied is that when they were together, he basically shared his entire life with her.

For instance, as insinuated later on, he would take her fishing with him. They also, as noted in the pre-chorus, spent quality time traversing what appears to be the vocalist’s favorite road. And with this narrative being set in some unspecified locality, Wallen even makes it known that he ‘took her to his hometown to meet his mama’. So it can be gathered that he was/is very much in love.

That’s why now, in hindsight, everything is spoiled, because there’s virtually no place he can go without being reminded of his ex and the tender moments they shared. Furthermore, the chorus also goes on to imply that she dumped him. So reading in between the lines, it’s as if the vocalist is entreating the addressee to come back.  Or in any event, he wants her to realize just how significantly her departure has adversely affected his life.

Morgan Wallen, "Everything I Love" Lyrics

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