“Last Night” by Morgan Wallen

“Last Night” is one of three tracks that Morgan Wallen released concurrently on 31 January 2023, all belonging to his 2023 studio album, “One Thing at a Time”. This is a project that is produced by Joey Moi, who also served as the executive producer of Wallen’s two previous LPs, 2018’s “If I Know Me” and 2021’s “Dangerous: The Double Album”. It is also Joey’s company, Big Loud Records, that has backed Morgan throughout, with the singer’s upcoming album (as well as the previous one) also being supported by Republic Records.

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Morgan Wallen was not involved in the writing of this particular song. Instead its credited authors are:

  • Jacob Kasher
  • Charlie Handsome
  • Ashley Gorley
  • John Byron


As revealed from the onset of the lyrics, last night was when the vocalist and addressee, being a romantic couple, got wasted on booze. And more to the point, their revelry became one of those episodes whereas they “let the liquor talk”. 

Or put otherwise, alcohol is a drug that can bring out the violent and offputtingly-vociferous side of a person. And under its influence – considering that the addressee “love(s) to fight” and Morgan himself has the tendency to “say sh*t (he) don’t mean” – they indeed ended up going at it, hard.


But all’s well that ends well, as some would say. For a moment, things did get so bad that Wallen’s sweetheart actually left him and ‘called her momma’. But sure enough, “in the middle of the night” she returned. 

Going back to first verse and as buttressed by the conclusion of the second, what’s being sorta implied is that the vocalist, if not the both of them, get a kick out of a sound quarreling every now and then. Or let’s say that even though it takes a relatively-long time to get there, by the time all is said and done “Last Night” is in fact a love song.

The standard when it comes to these types of tune is for the vocalist to spend the entire time gushing over the apple of his eye. But in this case, the majority of the lyrics are rather dedicated to illustrating how their relationship is at times sorely contentious.

But the conclusive point being made here isn’t that conflict edifies romance. Instead, it’s more along the lines of Morgan acknowledging that even a fight, which we can say is strong enough to dissolve some relationships, isn’t able to do so in this case, due to love that the vocalist and addressee have for each other.

Lyrics for Morgan Wallen's "Last Night"

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