“Time” by Childish Gambino (ft. Ariana Grande)

“Time” is based on Childish Gambino’s belief in particular that doomsday is imminent. As such, the tittle of the track is actually centered on the assertion that “we’re running… out of time”. And based on the first verse, ‘we’ would obviously be a reference to the entire human race. Meanwhile Ariana Grande holds down two verses. The first of them reads as if despite the unfavorable events that may be going on in the world around her, she feels relief when her significant other (i.e. the male singer) is around. But her second verse seems to adopt the same generally-pessimistic tone as the rest of the song.

Perhaps concluding that the lyrics are based on the end of the world may be a bit hasty, since they are quite ambiguous – and then metaphorical on top of that. But Gambino, being one of the more cerebral pop singers in the industry, has harped on such topics before. And in this case also, he seems to be predicting that mankind’s “time” on Earth is indeed limited.

Lyrics of "Time"

Facts about “Time”

This is the second collaboration between Childish Gambino and Ariana Grande. The first was when Ariana featured him on her 2014 track  “Break Your Heart Right Back”.

RCA Records released “Time” on 15 March 2020 as part of Gambino’s 2020 album “03.15.20”. The song was originally featured, though performed by different artists, on a musical Donald Glover (aka Childish Gambino) released in 2019 entitled “Guava Island”.

The writers and producers of this track are Gambino, Ludwig Göransson, DJ Dahi and Chukwudi Hodge. And songwriter Sarah Aarons also made contributions in terms of penning the song. Ariana Grande did not co-write this song.

Did Childish Gambino drop this as a single?

No. Actually his fourth studio album (“3.15.20”) didn’t produce any official single.

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