“Too Close” by Melanie Martinez

On “Too Close”, the narrator (Melanie) simply confesses her desire to part ways with a significant other although she doesn’t mean to cause him pain. The singer’s guilt is evident in the fact she tries to cover up her actions with the idea that it is not something she frequently does.

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She ponders on her decision several times, and finally comes to the conclusion that she has to tell her partner to free herself. Being extremely close in a relationship usually contributes to its success. However, in this song, the phrase “Too Close” as used by the artist connotes a kind of invasion of each other’s personal space, such that she feels she is living in pretense.

In her bid to free herself, the singer stresses on the weak sides of their relationships, and asks for a lot of space or simply put, a breakup based on her desire to move on with her life.

Lyrics of "Too Close"

Quick Facts about “Too Close”

  • Melanie Martinez performed this as one of the last eight contestants on “The Voice” on the date of 26 November 2012. Prior to performing this on the show, she had performed The White Stripes’ 2007 hit “Seven Nation Army“.
  • Her rendition enabled her to move on to the next round.  Additionally, a studio version of the song made the top 10 on the iTunes Top 200 songs chart.
  • This song is a cover of Alex Clare’s original version, which came out in 2011.
  • Melanie’s version was written by Clare along with songwriter Jim Duguid.
  • The song’s three original producers, Diplo, A. Rechtshaid and Switch, are also credited on Melanie Martinez’s version, along with M. Spencer.

Is it true that “Too Close” is about Melanie Martinez’s former boyfriend Vinne DiCarlo?

No. This song wasn’t written or originally performed by Melanie. Hence it has nothing to do with her ex boyfriend DiCarlo. That being said, Melanie was inspired to perform “Too Close” on The Voice shortly after breaking up with DiCarlo.

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