“Unholy” by Miley Cyrus

In the song “Unholy”, Miley Cyrus equates among others the likes of getting “a little drunk” and being as “high as hell” as being “a little bit unholy”. This is not due to her personally seeing anything wrong with these actions per se. Rather this track serves as a criticism of those who rather criticize her, such as labeling Smiley Miley as “obscene”. And in response, once again she acknowledges that she is “a little bit unholy” but also relays that “so is everyone else”.

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So conclusively, Miley is basically making two accusations. One is that, fundamentally-speaking, “everyone ” enjoys the same things that she does. And the other is that the people who judge her for engaging in certain actions are hypocrites since, as alluded to earlier, they derive pleasure from the same things. So considering these factors, she is not going to let such criticisms cause her to deviate from engaging in what brings her pleasure.

Lyrics of "Unholy"

Production and Writing Credits of “Unholy”

John Cunningham and Jasper Sheff are the co-producers of this track. The pair also co-wrote it with three others, including Miley Cyrus herself. The other two songwriters with writing credits on this song are: Andrew Wyatt and Ilsey Juber.

Release Date

“Unholy” came out as part of Miley’s critically acclaimed 2019 EP She Is Coming, which was released by RCA Records on 31 May 2019. In addition to “Unholy”, this EP produced the following songs:

  1. Mother’s Daughter
  2. “D.R.E.A.M.”
  3. Cattitude
  4. The Most
  5. “Party Up the Street”

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