Meaning of “Cattitude” by Miley Cyrus (ft. RuPaul)

As the reader has likely already concluded, this track’s title (“Cattitude”) is a combination of two words: cat (pu**y) and attitude

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“Cattitude” has a humorous vibe in which the singer is basically out to big herself along the lines of a popular rap song. Throughout the song, Miley Cyrus basically takes on the role of a rapper. She alludes to her wealth, gives a shoutout to her ‘hood and presents herself as a bada*s in general. And overall she attributes her titular “cattitude” to the “love” she feels for a particular part of her body. Moreover the chorus finds her addressing haters. Among others, she tells them to “turn down (their) attitude” and instead replacing it with a feeling of “gratitude”.

Lyrics of "Cattitude"

Miley also mentions other celebrities in this track, giving a big shoutout to “Queen Beyoncé”. Furthermore, she alludes to the wealth of tech pioneer Elon Musk. However, what really caught listeners’ attention, in addition to making this song go viral before its official release, is a controversial line. This line in question sees Cyrus stating a preference (from a fan’s perspective) of rapper Cardi B over her peer and rival, Nicki Minaj.

By all accounts, Miley has clearly used this song to pick sides in the feud between Cardi and Minaj. However, Miley eventually ends up articulating an overall appreciation of both Minaj and Cardi in this song.

Why Miley Cyrus prefers Cardi B to Nicki Minaj

Miley’s stated preference for Cardi B over Nicki Minaj is likely influenced by a beef Miley once had with Minaj. In 2015, Miley and Nicki had their own well-publicized beef. This beef included Minaj, while on stage at the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards, referring to Cyrus as a “b*tch”. FYI, Miley actually hosted the aforementioned show.

On which Miley Cyrus album does “Cattitude” appear?

This track is expected to be featured on Miley Cyrus’ forthcoming project in 2019. The project, which is tentatively titled She Is Coming, is slated to be released on 30 May 2019.

Who wrote “Cattitude”?

Cyrus wrote it along with the likes of RuPaul, Andrew Wyatt and ALMA. Singer and songwriter Ilsey Juber also receives credits as one of the writers of “Cattitude”.

Is “Cattitude” Cyrus’ first collaboration with RuPaul?


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