“Until We Meet Again” by Nick Jonas

According to the outro, the addressee of this song would be a “friend” of the singer. And the premise is that they are “miles apart” and apparently due to unmentioned circumstances are unable to see each other at the moment. So that is why Nick Jonas is telling his loved one to basically remain cheerful “until” the two of them “meet again”. 

And again, the lyrics are quite general. But it can be ascertained that the addressee, if not the both of them, is going through some type of hardship. And along those same lines, it seems that this song is meant to serve as a dedication to the frontline healthcare workers who are confronting the 2020 pandemic head-on. 

So based on that understanding, then the addressee would be such an individual. And what Jonas would be telling this person is that in light of the pandemic, they both need to exercise “faith” and, as aforementioned, make an effort to remain optimistic. And the fact that the two of them aren’t together is only making the situation harder for them from an emotional standpoint. Therefore, the singer is telling his friend to adopt a disposition like himself, in which he is looking forward to the joyous moment when the two of them are reunited.

Lyrics of "Until We Meet Again"

Facts about “Until We Meet Again”

Island Records released “Until We Meet Again”, as a standalone single, on the 19th of May 2020. And on that same day Nick Jonas debuted the song on the season finale of the popular TV talent show “The Voice”, where he also serves as one of the show’s judges. 

Moreover he is donating proceeds from the track to an NGO called Feed America.

Nick wrote this song in conjunction with its producer, Chase Foster.

And Nick’s wife, Indian actress Priyanka Chopra, made a surprise appearance on the track’s music video.

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