“S.O.S.” by Jonas Brothers

S.O.S which stands for ‘Save our Souls’ is an acronym mainly used as a call for help in a threatening situation. It is also the title of a song by American pop band, Jonas Brothers. In this song, however, the acronym is the singer’s cry for help in a relationship that seems to be falling apart.

The song dwells on a guy who is heartbroken because he’s unhappy with the way his girlfriend treats him. He cites an instance where she invites her friends for a dinner that was supposed to be for the two of them. It appears although he puts in a lot of effort to make things work, she simply doesn’t appreciate it. His call for help is a sign that he’s giving up on the relationship as he feels ignored and uncared for.

Autobiographical Elements in the Song

Writer and member of the trio, Nick Jonas revealed that he birthed the song out of his own tough personal experiences. He was able to draw more inspiration because the song resonated with him. Kevin and Joe Jonas shared the same sentiments of how great it was for Nick to write a song about his hard time, while making it fun and upbeat. Joe explained that the song is about getting hurt from being ditched by a girl.

Facts about “S.O.S.”

Nick Jonas exclusively composed “S.O.S.”. And just like him, music producer John Fields also exclusively took care of the production job.

On the 3rd of August, 2007, the Brothers released this as the single #2 from self titled second studio project. This song holds the distinction of being the first single that the Brothers released in Britain and the rest of Europe.

And accordingly, the song went on to enjoy significant airplay in the aforementioned region. And this translated into it performing well on several singles charts across the continent. For example, in Belgium and Norway, it was a top-10 hit, actually reaching number 2 in the latter country.

On the U.K. Singles chart, it performed well too, almost entering the top 10 there.

Outside Europe, this song was also successful. It experienced commercial success in U.S.A, Canada and Australia, peaking at numbers 17, 49 and 47, respectively. It also did very well in the South American nation of Venezuela.

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