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Turn it up

Step up in this bitch like (turn it up)
I’m the one your bitch like
Yeah, I’m the one your bitch like (turn it up)
And I be talkin’ shit like
I ain’t scared to lose a fistfight (turn it up)
And she grabbin’ on my, like
She wanna see if it’ll fit right
That’s just the wave (yeah)

Waves don’t die
Let me crash here for the moment, yeah
I don’t need to own it
No lie
Waves don’t die, baby
Let me crash here for a moment
Baby, I don’t, I don’t need to own

Sun don’t shine in the shade (turn it up)
Bird can’t fly in a cage (turn it up)
Even when somebody go away (turn it up)
The feelings don’t really go away
That’s just the wave

(Yeah) waves don’t die
Let me crash here for the moment
I don’t need to own it
No lie
Waves don’t die, baby
Let me crash here for a moment
Baby, I don’t, I don’t need to own you

No lie
No lie
No lie
You set the night on fire
I’m still gon’ be here in the morning
No lie

No lie
Ooh baby, ooh baby, oh yeah
You set the night on fire
I’m still gon’ be here in the morning
No lie

Full Lyrics

Kanye West has long been recognized not just as a rapper, but as a boundary-pushing artist who embeds layers of meaning into his music. ‘Waves,’ a track from his seventh studio album, ‘The Life of Pablo,’ is no different. At first listen, the song might seem like a braggadocious symphony typical of West’s oeuvre, but beneath the surface lies an intricate tapestry of emotion, resilience, and existential philosophy.

In a world where impermanence and change are the only constants, ‘Waves’ serves as a poignant metaphor for the ebb and flow of life, love, and the human condition. It’s a testament to West’s genius that the song’s seemingly simple chorus, ‘Waves don’t die,’ carries a profundity that extends far beyond the four corners of the track itself.

Navigating the Waters of Identity and Ego

West’s entrance into the song is akin to a force of nature, a tide that cannot be held back. The bravado with which he declares his presence in the room speaks to a larger narrative of self-assertion and existence. It’s not just about being noticed; it’s about being undeniable, a presence so potent it’s like the perpetual motion of waves. His lyrics assert an identity that refuses to be caged—in the boundaries of society or the expectations of others.

Moreover, the bravado may conceal a fragile sense of self, vulnerable to the criticisms and failures inherent in life. Yet, in the grand pattern of the waves, these setbacks are transient. What remains is the persistent force of the individual spirit, an undercurrent throughout the album.

The Eternal Cycle of Love and Loss

‘Waves don’t die’ is a simple but profound reminder that certain things in life, like waves in the ocean, are timeless. In the context of relationships, this could symbolize how feelings persist even after a relationship ends. West might be suggesting that just as waves are a constant force against the shore, so too is the impact of love against our hearts.

The notion of crashing ‘here for the moment’ reflects a desire for connection without possession, a modern take on romance where experiences are valued over ownership. As inspiring as this can be, there’s also a hint of transience, a recognition of the temporary nature of such encounters in life’s relentless surge.

Unlocking the Hidden Meaning Amid the Soundscape

Beyond the explicitly stated themes of ego and passion, there’s a subdued commentary on freedom and confinement. The lines ‘Sun don’t shine in the shade, Bird can’t fly in a cage’ suggest that one’s true potential is realized only in the absence of restraint. They form a powerful imagery about the importance of personal liberation and being true to oneself rather than living in repression or invisibility.

What does it mean to truly exist if not in freedom? West’s lyrics could be probing into the human desire to break free from societal cages and to find a path where one can soar unfettered. ‘Waves’ is then not just a song, but also a narrative of human struggle against the confines that threaten to stifle individuality and creativity.

Highlighting the Most Captivating Lines

The repeated assertion that ‘Waves don’t die’ stands out as the song’s mantra. Its mesmeric quality applies to the natural world and the internal, emotional state. It suggests a spiritual resilience, the idea that in every one of us is something undying and ever-renewing.

Coupled with ‘Let me crash here for the moment, Baby, I don’t, I don’t need to own,’ the song delineates a captivating hook that balances the desire for intimacy with the recognition of individual sovereignty. Emphasizing the distinction between connection and possession, West captures a sentiment that resonates with the current societal shift toward understanding relationships in a more fluid sense.

Dissecting the Dichotomy of Light and Darkness

‘You set the night on fire’ stands as a beacon of hope in the shadowy ambivalence of the song. It’s a tribute to the power of relationships and experiences that illuminate our lives, the kind that leave an indelible warmth even in their absence.

This fiery passion is balanced by the acknowledgment of a new day in ‘I’m still gon’ be here in the morning.’ It’s a declaration of continuity, an assurance that despite the passage of moments that blaze through the night, some elements of the self remain constant, like the lighthouse guiding through darkness—a motif that ties back to the ever-reverberating notion that like waves, we are ongoing.

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