Meaning of “World on Fire” by Thirty Seconds to Mars

“World on Fire” discusses hiding from personal demons and the hope of finding light in darkness. It encourages changing one’s perspective to positively alter one’s life experience. The chorus calls for empowerment and igniting positive change in the world.

Hiding from Reality

In the opening lines, the lyrics depict someone seeking refuge in isolation, possibly to avoid confronting their personal issues and inner demons. This part of the song speaks to the tendency to flee from reality and hide one’s true self from the world. The “frozen” state might refer to being stuck in this avoidance pattern, unable to move forward.

Finding Light in Darkness

The lyrics suggest a turning point where there is a realization that one cannot continue living in denial or hiding away from their true selves. The phrase “Life leads us out of the dark” brings hope and encourages listeners to find their way out of their dark moments. The light symbolizes hope and the possibility of a fresh start. It gives a message of changing perspective and finding light even in dark times.

Change of Perspective

Here, the song encourages listeners to stop overthinking and getting tangled in the small, inconsequential things in life. It promotes a perspective change; suggesting that altering how one perceives life can fundamentally change their experience of it. It introduces the idea that changing one’s outlook can potentially alter one’s life path, highlighting the importance of perspective in one’s happiness and well-being.

Community and Unity

This part touches on the concept of connection and unity. It speaks to the universal experience of starting out as strangers before forming bonds and connections. The song suggests that understanding and empathy can be fostered when people recognize the shared experiences and feelings that everyone goes through, promoting a sense of community and oneness.

A Call to Action

The refrain “Let there be light, and we’ll set this world on fire” is a call to action. It urges listeners to break free from their self-imposed limitations and to strive for change and growth. Setting the “world on fire” is a metaphor for making a powerful impact on the world, a call to shine brightly and boldly step into one’s power to effect change, both personally and in the wider world. It’s a message of hope and empowerment, encouraging people to find their light and use it to ignite passion and positive change in the world.

“Let there be light
And we’ll set this world on fire
Let there be light
And we’ll sеt this world on fire”

When was “World on Fire” released?

The song “World on Fire” has an official issuance date of 12th September 2023. It was released from Thirty Seconds to Mars’ sixth studio offering titled “It’s the End of the World but It’s a Beautiful Day”.

Credits for “World on Fire”

The writing and production of the “World on Fire” song was achieved via a collective effort from the following artists:

  • Steve Mac
  • Jared Leto
  • Johnny McDaid
  • Shannon Leto

English singer Ed Sheeran and Los Angeles-based record engineer Oscar Neidhardt are also credited for their contributions to the penning and production of this song.

World on Fire

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