“No Body” by Blake Shelton

This is a love song in which the title is indicative of the singer’s desire for “no body” but the addressee. As implied, his infatuation with this lady, if you will, is influenced by booze, admiring her body (while dancing) and an overall sense of revelry, as the initial setting is a TGIF kind of situation. But as time progresses, as implied in the second verse, his goal is to take her home and ‘lay her down’.

And there really isn’t anything presented herein that fans of such numbers haven’t heard before. So the shtick of this piece is reportedly centered on it thematically, to some degree, harping back to the country music scene of the 1990s. That would be why for instance on the cover art we see Blake posing with a mullet, i.e. the hairstyle he personally rocked back in those days.

All in all, “No Body” is your standard country-love song that is mainly centered on Blake being boozed in a dancehall alongside a pretty girl.

Lyrics to Blake Shelton's "No Body"

Facts about “No Body”

This track, which was made public on 19 August 2022, is not to be confused with “Nobody But You”, a duet Blake Shelton dropped with Gwen Stefani (whom he’s since married) back in 2020. In fact just to note, Blake has also come out with singles titled “When Somebody Knows You That Well” (2004), “Nobody But Me” (2005) and an album called “Body Language” (2021), thus seemingly having an artistic affinity for the term “body”.

Keeping within the nostalgic theme of this song, in the music video Shelton rocks “a mullet wig”, reminiscent to the long-hairstyle he actually had back in the 1990s. And to note, said clip was helmed by director Adam Roughtlein.

The writers of this song are Rodney Clawson, Josh Kear and Chris Tompkins and its producer, Scott Hendricks.

No Body

4 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    Complicated song. And leaves one in questioning

  2. anonymous 1 says:

    Appears to be filmed at the locally world famous Silver Bullet in North Long Beach a.k.a. Cowboy Country to today’s countryfolk

  3. Jan Kirk says:

    When was this song written?

  4. Anonymous says:

    Sounds almost identical to “Tulsa Time” – Don Williams

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