“Who’s Laughing Now” by Ava Max

On Ava Max’s “Who’s Laughing Now”, the narrator who initially admits being hurt by her partner’s actions makes a U-turn as she puts an end to the relationship while gaining control of herself.

As can be seen in the preliminary verses, she is baffled at the treatment she receives from the person she is with. Apparently, this person seems to gain satisfaction from seeing her in tears and weak over him.

She mentions being clothed in all black to signify that she has ended the relationship and will no longer feel weak for his sake. Now that she is moving on, she feels stronger and is in a better position to ridicule him.

Did Ava Max write this song?

Yes. But she received help from the following co-writers:

  • Cirkut
  • N. Bao
  • M. Wrendenberg
  • M. Love
  • Lotus IV

“Who’s Laughing Now” also contains production from its co-writers Cirkut and Lotus.

On July 30th, 2020, Max released this (via Atlantic Records) as a certified single from her famous “Heaven & Hell” album (which is actually her debut studio project). The track was actually the sixth single to precede the album.

Below are the album’s first five singles that preceded this one:

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