50 Cent

50 Cent, as he has become popularly known all over the world, has created a huge name for himself in the world of music, acting and entrepreneurship even though his childhood was difficult due to his dabbling in the sale of drugs as a teenager.

His incredible sense of humor and playful pettiness on social media has drawn a lot of attention to him.

He is the son of Sabrina, a single parent who dealt in drugs but died in an unexplainable fire incident. 

He took care of himself and decided to venture into music in the 1990’s. In year 2000, he survived a shooting which left nine bullets in him.  The shooting changed his perspective on life. He started taking music seriously though some of his songs were controversial and caused a lot of disagreements.  

His music however made a lot of waves and got him nominated for Billboard Music awards, Grammy awards among others. 

He has also played roles in several movies and TV shows.

As at 2020, he has received over a hundred award nominations and won several dozens of them.

Top 50 Cent Songs

Here are some of 50 Cent’s biggest hits:

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