YoungBoy Never Broke Again’s “Testimony” Meaning

The lyrics of YoungBoy Never Broke Again’s “Testimony” present a personal reflection, detailing the struggles, aspirations, and lifestyle he has experienced.

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Intro & Refrain

YoungBoy sets the tone of the song by addressing his mother. He apologizes for the difficult times and acknowledges his selfishness. However, he reiterates that he’s always hustling and grinding for her. He speaks about his sins, his need for money, and the lack of blessings due to his absence in prayer. He also alludes to external forces or people not wanting him to succeed.

Verse 1

YoungBoy delves into his past and his transition into the rap game. He talks about engaging in illegal activities, hinting at his rough upbringing, the threats he faces, and his readiness to confront them. He portrays himself as both a target and a threat, highlighting his tough exterior but also the underlying pain.


This section serves as his “testimony,” where he addresses the people who harbor ill feelings toward him. He refers to himself as a felon, suggesting past run-ins with the law, and emphasizes the need for self-protection. The diamonds and the night setting represent the dual life of luxury and danger.

Verse 2

YoungBoy touches upon a sense of nostalgia and loss, missing his former self before fame and its associated troubles. However, despite these troubles, he mentions the positive transformation in his life, as seen with luxury items like a Rolls Royce and having money.

The Overall Themes of “Testimony”

Struggle & Transformation: The lyrics frequently reflect on past hardships and how YoungBoy has transitioned to a place of relative success and wealth.

Protection & Threat: Throughout the song, there’s a recurring theme of needing protection due to external threats, but also being a threat to others.

Loyalty & Family: The mentions of his mother and his past suggest a deep bond to his roots and the importance of family in his narrative.

These lyrics often delve into personal and introspective territories, speaking to his life’s struggles and the complexities of fame, wealth, and street life.

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