“18 Til I Die” by Bryan Adams

The singer’s disposition in “18 til I Die” is exactly as its title implies. That is to say Bryan Adams has committed himself to possessing a youthful disposition, forever. Within the context of the lyrics, that fundamentally means that he is not going to let himself be bogged down by cares of life which are indicative of aging. Also he is committed to ‘having a ball’, i.e. a good time, alongside others. So if nothing else, it is pretty clear that the vocalist idealizes a youthful spirit over an aged one.

You can view the lyrics, alternate interprations and sheet music for Bryan Adams's 18 til I Die at Lyrics.org.

“18 til I Die” Facts

This is yet another creative collaboration between Bryan and Robert J. Lange, with the artists both producing and writing the song.

This is the title track of the album Bryan released, via A&M Records, on 4 June 1996. And at a later date the song itself was also issued as the fifth single from that project. “18 til I Die” was actually the seventh studio album from Bryan’s catalogue. The album spawned 7 singles, including “Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman?“.

“18 til I Die” (the song) wasn’t necessarily a hit by Bryan Adams’ standards, meaning that it only charted in five countries. Where it fared most impressively was in Belgium, peaking at number seven.

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