“On The Road” by Bryan Adams

Of course being “on the road” points to the idea of traveling, which is also the concept upon which this song is based. However, Bryan Adams takes a couple of different approaches to the matter at hand.

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As far as the first part of the song goes, he is speaking to being a traveling musician, which is implied as being part and parcel of his profession. But along the way, the piece, even if only briefly, takes on more of a romantic tone. Thus in the hook leading into the chorus, the vocalist is celebrating being out and about with the addressee, who reads, based on the second verse, like a romantic interest. But more importantly within the grand scheme of the track is the expressed belief that so long as the two of them are on the road together, there is nothing they cannot accomplish in unison.

I love being “on the road”

In the bridge, Bryan confirms that this is in fact his ideal lifestyle. And the pre-chorus suggests that the reason he is celebrating such is due to not being able to practice his preferred modus operandi in a long time. The insinuation here is basically that the said pause was a result of music performances being shutdown during the COVID-19 pandemic. Or more to the point as presented in the chorus itself, it’s like when the vocalist isn’t able to travel he feels like life’s pressures piling up.

Or as further implied in the outro, it is “on the road” where the singer can really get loose. And earlier in the song we see that yes, the likes of “one-night stands, guitars and bars” which come along with being a musical journeyman is high on Adams’ agenda. 

So going back to the aforementioned romantic interest who serves as the addressee, it may be a random woman he’s hooking up with while bouncing about. Or in a more general sense, the “you” referred to in the hook can be a reference to Bryan’s many fans, whom he is looking forward to meeting up with again now that venues are starting to open back up as ultimately his simple enjoyment of life “on the road” takes precedence over the slightly-referenced romantic aspect of this song.

Lyrics of Bryan Adams' "On The Road"
Bryan Adams describes "On The Road"

When was “On the Road” released?

On 8 December 2021, “On the Road” became the second single released, via BMG, from Bryan Adams 15th studio album, “So Happy It Hurts”. Below are some other singles BMG used in supporting Bryan’s “So Happy It Hurts” album:

Pirelli Calendar

This song shares titles with the 2022 edition of the Pirelli Calendar. Pirelli, as you may already know, is an international tire company. And they have been releasing calendars, to notable fanfare, since 1963. Said projects often featured celebrities models as well as well-known photographers. 

On top of being a musician, Bryan Adams has also established himself as a professional photographer. As such, he was hired to photograph the 2022 edition of said calendar, whose models this year including the likes of:

  • Normani
  • Iggy Pop
  • Cher
  • Saweetie
  • Grimes

Did Bryan Adams write “On the Road”?

Yes. Bryan worked with fellow songwriter Robert John Lange to compose this song. The pair also produced the track.

On The Road

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