“Never Gonna Rain” by Bryan Adams 

In this song (as with many others), “rain” is meant to symbolize, most simply put, depression.  Meanwhile, the thesis sentiment revolves around the vocalist resolving that he’s going to live his life “like it’s never gonna rain”. 

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So based on the above metaphor, that’s another way of Bryan saying, in simplified terms, that no matter how troubling circumstances may materialize externally, internally he’s not going to allow himself to feel defeated. Furthermore, he expounded that this modus operandi features a live-in-the-moment component, as well as a healthy dose of positivity thinking, etc.

But as implied in the verses, faith is also part of the equation. Also involved is recognizing that some types of “pain” can only be mitigated with time. Well, the vocalist ain’t going anywhere. And as insinuated overall, he dedicates ample energy to just relaxing and not letting unwanted or disturbing circumstances dominate his conscientiously-applied upbeat disposition.

Bryan Adams, "Never Gonna Rain" Lyrics
Bryan Adams talks about "Never Gonna Rain"


In addition to co-writing “Never Gonna Rain”, vocalist Bryan Adams also produced the track and directed its music video. And the other co-writers are:

  • Mike Elizondo
  • Jason Evigan
  • Gretchen Peters
  • Kennedi

Release Date of “Never Gonna Rain”

This is the fourth single from Bryan Adams’ 2022 album “So Happy It Hurts”, with the track being released on 25 January of that year. And the label behind it is Berlin-based BMG.

Other singles from this project include:

Never Gonna Rain

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