“Kick A*s” by Bryan Adams

As noted in the trivia section, the intro of this song is recited by a Monty Python comedian named John Cleese. Monty Python is a crew largely known for putting out religious-based or inspired comedies. And so is with the intro where Cleese, uses the stylistic leanings and terminologies of the Book of Genesis, states that rock and roll is the product of an angel wearing “boots [and] blue jeans” who was sent down from above for the express purpose of saving mankind from “bad music”. 

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So with that in mind, even though Bryan Adams proceeds to praise “rocking music” in general, we know that more specifically he is referring to rock and roll.

And we also know that rock and roll is a very energetic genre of music. So when Bryan goes about celebrating the enjoyment of “kicka*s rocking music” or “kicka*s rocking bands”, he is referring to rock and rollers who are very appreciative of and/or skilled at the art. In other words, he and his homey are “a kicka*s rocking band”. So if you’re looking for authentic rock and roll, then look no further.

And again, the conclusive insinuation is that the vocalist himself, on top of being a skilled performer of the genre, is also a very big fan of it – even a prophet of rock and roll, so to speak. For it is his mission to encourage as many people as possible to also enjoy “kicka*s rocking music”.

Bryan Adams, "Kick Ass" Lyrics

Bryan Adams

Bryan Adams is a singer from Canada who actually ranks amongst the most commercially-successful musicians of all time. He has proven especially popular in his homeland and other countries like Austria, Germany, Switzerland and most notably as far as the outside world is concerned, the United Kingdom. And he also dropped one album, 1984’s Reckless, that topped the Billboard 200.

“Kick A*s”

The intro to this song is held down by John Cleese, an actor from the UK who was one of the co-founders of the Monty Python comedy franchise.

With BMG releasing this track on 9 December 2021, it is the third single from Bryan Adams’ 2022 album titled “So Happy It Hurts”. 

Bryan wrote the song in conjunction with Robert “Mutt” Lange. And Adams debuted it during a string of shows he performed in Las Vegas the month prior to its release.

Kick Ass

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