“So Happy It Hurts” by Bryan Adams

The title of this song is a manner of speech which, as is sorta evident, points to the idea of an individual being overjoyed. And in this case, said individual would be the vocalist himself.

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Now going through the lyrics, we find him apparently engaged in an open-road, international drive throughout Canada and the United States. In the process of doing such, he is able to behold the splendor of the Rocky Mountains’ range, which is situated in both countries. But still, you kinda get the feeling that going as far as to say that the say the joy of being on the road is “so happy it hurts” may be a bit excessive.

And that actually brings us to the true meaning behind this song. It isn’t the fact that Bryan Adams is simply chillin’ on the interstate that got him giddy enough to drop this track. Rather it’s the fact that just a short time ago, said opportunity had more or less been denied him. 

Yes dear reader, this is in fact another song inspired by the COVID-19 lockdowns. But Adams takes an unconventional approach to the matter. Instead of harping on the pandemic itself or any of its negative consequences, he is rather celebrating the return to normal, open-world life that preceded it. 

Simply put, the reason he’s “so happy” to be on the road is because, let’s say during this time last year for instance, he couldn’t just set out like that. For example, keep in mind that since early-2020 and up until recently, the US/Canada border was closed to non-essential travelers, i.e. people, like the vocalist, who wanted to enjoy different aspects of the Rocky Mountains.

Lyrics to "So Happy It Hurts"
Bryan Adams explains "So Happy It Hurts"

Bryan Adams and “So Happy It Hurts”

“So Happy It Hurts” is the title track from Bryan Adams forthcoming 15th studio album.

Bryan Adams, as implied above, is a tenured musician whose career actually dates back to the mid-1970s. His musical heyday appears to have been during the early-1990s, where Bryan scored a couple of Billboard Hot 100 chart toppers, including “All for Love” alongside Sting and Rod Stewart. But Adams is perhaps best known for his 1993 hit “Please Forgive Me“.

“So Happy It Hurts” was released by BMG, with the piece being co-written and co-produced by Bryan Adams. The other co-producer/co-writer, who has been a regular collaborator of the singer since around the 1990s, is Robert John Lange, aka Mutt. Also, Gretchen Peters contributed to the authorship of this track.

There doesn’t really seem to be a lot online information concerning “So Happy It Hurts”, the album, at this time. But what has been revealed is that it will feature 12 tracks. Also Bryan, who hails from Canada, will use the opportunity to embark on a tour of the UK and Ireland in 2022.

So Happy It Hurts

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  1. Ra says:

    Wow excellent cool analysis

  2. Mike says:

    Waking up the neighbors was an excellent album and the man who produced that was Robert John Lange aka Mutt. So far the three songs I’ve heard of Bryan’s future Album are very positive, catchy and are going to be a big hit. Bryan and Robert produce awesome music together

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