“21 Questions” by 50 Cent (ft. Nate Dogg)

In this song, 50 Cent, along with Nate Dogg’s chorus, literally asks the addressee 21 questions. Said addressee would be his romantic partner. And basically, what he is doing is questioning her commitment to him and their relationship. Basically the titular inquiries are based on him presenting her with various hypothetical challenges which their romance can face. And he wants to know that if any of these scenarios did in fact arise, ‘would she still have love for him’?

So comprehensively, we can say that 50 Cent is paid. And he also knows that women tend to be attracted to riches. Therefore he is trying to ascertain that if he were to suffer from some type of major calamity which would devastate his standing, would he still have the dedication and commitment of his girlfriend.

“Would you love me if I was down and out?”

Facts about “21 Questions”

“21 Questions” performed very well on the charts. It reached number 1 on both the Billboard’s Hot 100 and “Hot Rap Songs” charts. Furthermore, it was a top 10 song in the United Kingdom (actually going as far as peaking at number 6).

R&B singer Lil Mo released a remix / answer track to this song entitled “21 Answers” (2003).

The music video to this song features actors Tyson Beckford as well as Megan Good. Meagan plays the role of 50 Cent’s girlfriend whereas Tyson plays the character of the hostile inmate whose continuously harasses 50 Cent.

March 4th, 2003 was the official release date of “21 Questions”. It was the second single from 50’s Grammy-nominated album “Get Rich or Die Tryin'”. This album produced a ton of other hits, including “In da Club” and “Many Men“. It went on to become 2003’s most successful album.

What does 50 Cent mean by the question: “would you love me if I was down and out?“.

Simply put, someone who is “down-and-out” is a poor person or a pauper. So 50 Cent is basically asking his woman if she would still love him in the event he became broke.

Did 50 Cent write “21 Questions”?

Yes. 50 co-wrote this number-one single with a number of songwriters, including Midi Mafia.

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