“Sharing Locations” by Meek Mill (ft. Lil Durk and Lil Baby)

For starters, let it be known that the two featured artists primarily perform the role of adlibbers on “Sharing Locations”, albeit Lil Durk also holding down the chorus. Indeed by the looks of things, this song may have been for the most part completed even prior to Durk and Baby’s participation. 

But anyway, said chorus, most simply explained, is based on the assertion of the vocalist being heavily associated “with the murderers”. In other words, not only does he hang out with this lot of characters but also apparently sponsors them. 

And the implication, taking the final line of the passage into consideration for instance, is that the rapper isn’t someone whom anyone in their right mind would get into beef with, being a mafia boss, if you will.

“Sharing Locations”

Now with that out of the way, in most readers’ minds the title (as well as cover art) of this song would conjure up images of the internet. And that is in fact what Meek Mill and his cohorts are referring to, i.e. locations being shared between two individuals, specifically in this case the vocalist’s romantic interest and her actual boyfriend. 

Or more simply explained, Meek is sleeping with a lady who is officially dating someone, in this case being an NBAer (somewhat reminiscent of the 1997 B.I.G. classic “I Got a Story to Tell”). Owing to this, he can’t meet her whenever he likes to since said boyfriend knows her location via sharing apps or what have you. 

So the implied meaning behind this story, whether factual or not, is that the rapper is someone who is rich/poppin’ enough to romantically compete with an NBA player, even sleeping with one of their girlfriends.

An Exercise in Braggadocio!

And the rest of the first verse features more hardcore braggadocio, including the likes of references to shooting the children of opps. Indeed by the time the segment is concluded, it can be ascertained that the goal of the rapper is to present himself as a rich, highly-sexualized gangsta. 

And as implied, he can confidently make such assertions due to the fact that he’s homeys with real-life murderers.

And without us going into too much detail, the second verse is more of the same type of statements, though relayed using different metaphors, stories, etc. One particularly notable part is when Meek refers to Baby and Durk respectively as “The Voice and The Hero”. This is the nicknames for themselves which they propagated earlier in 2021 (as further alluded to later in the article).

What “Sharing Locations” is all about

So conclusively, we can say that this is early-2020s gangsta rap in its truest form. Meek Mill does not present himself as a ‘hitter’ per se. But he does let it be known, as convincingly as he can, that he does actually ‘hang out with murderers’, thus being a made man, so to speak.

Lyrics to Meek Mill's "Sharing Locations"


Meek Mill served not only as the primary vocalist and co-writer of “Sharing Locations” but also acted as the director of the track’s music video. 

Vocal collaborators Lil Baby and Lil Durk are also acknowledged as co-writers. And the musicians that are credited as both writers and producers are as follows:

  • ProdByKJ
  • Xander, Svdominik
  • Nick Papz

When did Meek Mill drop this song?

This single came out via Atlantic Records, the Maybach Music Group and Meek Mill’s own Dream Chasers Records on 27 August 2021. It was originally teased, by Meek himself, in late-January, 2021. 

Sharing Locations

Does “Sharing Locations” mark Meek Mill’s first collaboration with Baby and Durk?

No. Meek, being from Philly, has collaborated with the ATL’s Lil Baby and Chi-town’s Lil Durk in the past, quite extensively in fact with both artists. 

Indeed earlier in 2021, Durk and Baby came out with a joint album entitled “The Voice of the Heroes”. Meek even made an appearance on one of tracks contained therein entitled “Still Runnin”.

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