“On the Road” by Post Malone (ft. Lil Baby & Meek Mill)

Apparently the title of this song (“On the Road”) alludes to the idea of the artists being on tour. In particular, the aspect of those experiences they wish to highlight is the work ethic necessary to be as successful as they are. Put in a different way, the track’s lyrics read like the artists saying that they’re on the field.

They highlight this reality particularly in relation to certain associates who have a tendency to demand credit or compensation for the artists’ success.  However, what Post Malone and the others want to point out this isn’t the case. However, it is rather their own shrewd moves, perseverance and once again dedication to the game which are the real factors behind their accomplishments. And they have also come to realize that the aforementioned individuals who display such characteristics were actually false friends all along. And their true agenda throughout the whole endeavor was just to capitalize off of the artists.

Lyrics of "On the Road"

Writing Credits for “On the Road”

 A total of 7 artists penned “On the Road”, including Post, Baby and Mill. The other 4 artists credited with writing this song are:

  • Vory
  • B. Walsh
  • L. Bell
  • N. Mira

In addition to receiving writing credits on “On the Road”, Mira and Bell also receive production credits for this collabo.

Release Date

On 6th September, 2019, Republic Records released this song. It appears as the 8th track on Malone’s “Hollywood’s Bleeding” (which is his third studio album).

Was “On the Road” released as one of the singles from its album?

No. The song’s album (“Hollywood’s Bleeding”) was preceded by the below singles:

Has Post Malone worked with Mill and Baby before?

No. “On the Road” marked the first time all three rappers worked together. It is therefore sort of a special song for all three artists involved. That said, it’s important to mention that prior to “On the Road”, Mill had worked with Baby on multiple occasions.

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