“7 Rings” by Ariana Grande Lyrics Meaning

Ariana Grande’s “7 Rings” is a song based on overcoming depression by investing in happiness with loved ones. The track is rumored to have been written due to a heartbreak Ariana was experiencing and the unorthodox remedy she had to overcoming this malady. And what was this unconventional remedy? It reportedly saw Grande splurging money on herself and her friends. 

In the course of splurging, Grande actually bought herself and six other close friends of hers matching friendship rings made of diamonds.

Lyrics of "7 Rings"

Who are these 6 Friends of Grande’s?

They are as follows:

  1. American singer and songwriter Victoria Monét.
  2. American Instagram star Courtney Chipolone. Courtney gained stardom for being one of Ariana Grande’s besties.
  3. American TV actress Alexa Luria. Alexa also gained international stardom just by being one of Grande’s best friend.
  4. American actress and singer-songwriter Tayla Parx. As a songwriter, Taylor’s songwriting credits include Khalid and Normani’s “Love Lies“, Panic! at the Disco’s “High Hopes” and Grande’s “thank u, next“.
  5. German-born pop singer Njomza.
  6. American singer/songwriter Kaydence Krysiuk. Kaydence was also one of the writers of the hit “thank u, next”.

On December 1, 2018, Ariana shed more light on this song on her Twitter account. According to her on the day she wrote this song, she was having a very difficult day in New York City. It’s not exactly clear what caused Grande’s downheartedness. However, it is believed that her breakup with her fiancé American comedian and actor Pete Davidson contributed to it.

So to distress and cheer her up, Grande’s friends took her on a shopping spree. During the course of the shopping trip, they ended up at the famous luxury jewelry retailer called Tiffany’s. There, Grande said she bought them all (including herself) “engagement rings”. According to her, they had so much fun and on their way back, one of her friends (Njomza) came up with the suggestion that they write a song about the experience. The song was subsequently written later that afternoon.

Ariana Grande talks about "7 Rings" on Twitter

In summation, the main theme of “7 Rings” might not exactly be the material aspect of that decision, as most people don’t have the resources to buy a bunch of diamond rings when they feel down. Rather it is appreciating yourself and possessing the boldness to go all out in making yourself (and those around you) happy. Based on this, we can say this song centers on the likes of self-empowerment and friendship.

Facts about “7 Rings”

  • Grande co-wrote “7 Rings” with several other songwriters, including the song’s co-producer Tommy Brown (also known as TBHits). Others include Grande’s friends/recipients of the rings Grande bought.
  • TBHits worked with Social House during the production of this track. FYI, Social House consists of producers Scootie Anderson and Mikey Foster. Both TBHits and Social House also worked with Grande on her 2018 hit single “thank u, next”.
  • The song was released by Republic Records (Grande’s label) on Friday, January 18, 2019. It was dropped as the official second single from the album Thank U, Next (Grande’s fifth studio album).
  • This breakup anthem came out as Grande’s first single of 2019.
  • Grande teased this song’s title for the first time in the official music video for the 2018 single “thank u, next”. On that video, the phrase “7 Rings” is inscribed on the license plate of one of the cars in the video.
  • Prior to the song’s release, Grande never performed it publicly.
  • Grande actually raps on this track.
  • The song’s video features a number of Grande’s close friends, including Njomza, Alexa Luria, Tayla Parx and Victoria Monét. Furthermore, Grande’s famous pet dog called Tolouse also appears in the clip.
  • “7 Rings” interpolates several other songs, most notably the late 1950s song “My Favorite Things”. The song in question was written by Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein II. It was made famous after appearing in the 1959 hit musical The Sound of Music.
  • Few hours after the release of this song, American rapper Princess Nokia accused Grande of using parts of her song “Mine” in “7 Rings” without her permission. Indeed parts of “7 Rings” really sound like Nokia’s song “Mine” (which came out in 2017).

Songs “7 Rings” interpolates

In all, “7 Rings” interpolates at least 5 songs. These songs are as follows:

  • The late 1950’s Oscar Harmmerstein II and Richard Rodgers penned song “My Favorite Things”
  • The Notorious B.I.G.’s 1994 song “Gimme the Loot”
  • Lil’ Mama’s 2007 song “Lip Gloss”
  • Soulja Boy’s 2010 song “Pretty Boy Swag”
  • Princess Nokia’s 2017 song “Mine”

Are there any pictures of Ariana Grande wearing the engagement ring she bought?

Yes. There are actually multiple pictures of her wearing the ring in question on her engagement finger. Below is an example of one of these pictures:

Ariana Grande wearing a ring
One of the many pictures of Grande wearing her “engagement” ring. Six of her friends also have similar rings.

Who sings the background vocals on “7 Rings”?

Grande’s friends Monét and Parx handle the song’s background vocals. It’s noteworthy that Monét was also the song’s vocal producer.

Who directed the music video for “7 Rings”? 

Hannah Lux Davis directed the music video. Prior to working on this video, Davis had worked multiple times with Grande. For example, she even worked with her on the video for “Thank U, Next”.

How did “7 Rings” perform on the charts?

This song was a massive chat success for Ariana Grande. It debuted at the number 1 position on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100. In addition to that, it went on to hit the number 1 spot in several other countries such as the United Kingdom, Greece, Sweden, Australia, Switzerland and Canada.

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