“POV” by Ariana Grande

Given the general reputation of Ariana Grand’s Positions album as being mature-themed, it’s easy to presume that this song, based on its title, is about bedroom fun. After all POV (i.e. point-of-view) is actually a name given to a well-known subgenre of adult themed movies. But whereas Positions does indeed have its X-rated moments, POV is not one of them. Rather it features the singer celebrating a love which it can be said she deems too good to be true. Or rather, let’s say she does not feel she deserves the exceptional partner which has come her way. 

And this is made evident by her desire to perceive herself from his “point of view”.  That is basically a fancy way of saying that she appreciates her lover for also appreciating her despite her romantic shortcomings. And in that latter regard, the implication is that the singer has had troubled relationships in the past which she is still recuperating from. But due to having this person in her life, her apprehensions in terms of giving her heart fully to a new lover are “starting to subside”. And overall the situation reads as if she wants to live up to his expectations by giving her all to their romance.

Facts about “POV”

This is the closing track on Ariana’s album Positions, which was brought to us by Republic Records.

The song was released as part of that project on 30 October 2020. And it has been noted as being the early favorite from the album amongst fans and critics alike.

The producers of this track are Mr. Franks, TBHits and Oliver Frid. And as is somewhat standard in this era they also co-wrote the song, with the other co-writers being Grande, London on da Track, Tayla Parx and Nija.

Even though no names are dropped on the track, it is widely believed that Grande is singing to her boyfriend at the time, Dalton Gomez.

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