“Six Thirty” by Ariana Grande

“Six Thirty” features one of the more-complex thematic metaphors found on Ariana Grande’s Positions album – so complex in fact that analysts have been challenged in ascertaining its exact meaning. But what Ariana is saying ultimately boils down to her desire to be “down” with the addressee, a romantic interest. In other words, she wants the two of them to be very committed to and there for each other, during all hours of the day. And the easiest way to allegorically relate this idea to the title is by noting that when an analog clock is at 6:30, both hands are pointing ‘down’. 

Moreover, by all indications she and the addressee are already headed down such a road, being in a relationship where they are able to display all aspects of their true personalities to one another.

Facts about “Six Thirty”

This track came out via Republic Records’ issue of Ariana’s Positions project on 30 October 2020. 

Ari-Chan cleverly teased it on the music video to the single Positions (which first aired on 23 October 2020) by featuring various scenes in which the time on a clock was set at 6:30.

At the time of the release of the project, there are many conspiracy theories, if you will, floating around which try to connect different songs on the album to respective lovers in Ariana’s personal history. Most of these hypotheses are unsubstantiated. But it is interesting to note that one of Ari’s ex-boyfriends, the late hip-hop artist Mac Miller, actually recorded an unreleased track entitled 6:30. Said song was leaked in December of 2019.

Did Ariana Grande write “Six Thirty”?

Yes, she did. She composed it along with a songwriter named Priscilla Renea and the following producers of the song:

  • Mr. Franks
  • Shea Taylor
  • TBHits
  • Nami

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