“Trapped in the Sun” by Future

The title of this Future song alludes to the assertion that Future has a ‘yellow Lamborghini’. This is the vehicle which he utilizes when he is “trapped in the sun”.  Perhaps what he is saying is that this is his preferred mode of transportation when it’s really hot and sunny outside, as light colors do not absorb sunlight. But ultimately, the idea all of this is really meant to point to is the fact that Future can afford such a pricey whip in the first place. And this is not to mention the “green Ferrari”, the “Porsche” and other “foreign cars” which the rapper possesses.

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However, this is not a song in which Hendrix is simply bragging about his wealth. Rather he is giving us a glimpse into his overall lifestyle, or let’s say general mental disposition.  And in that regard, he depicts himself as someone who is serious about his business.  Indeed an economically-challenging upbringing has made him so. And he lets it be known in the chorus that now he is passing on his financial intelligence to his “sons”. And his “sons” may not only be his biological children but also his mentees. 

Additionally, as is one of the regular themes in his music, Future makes known his usage of a number of intoxicants. But for the most part, this song is about money. And what the related sentiments expressed ultimately boil down to is that the rapper is very much focused on the continued generation of significant income.


“Trapped in the Sun” was written exclusively by Future, and the producer is a fellow Atlanta-based musician named Will-A-Fool.

Release Date of “Trapped in the Sun”

Epic Records released “Trapped in the Sun” on May 15, 2020 as the lead-off song on the playlist of Future’s 21-track album, “High Off Life”.

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