“All Good” by Roddy Ricch (ft. Future)

The phrase “all good” is sort of a self-explanatory colloquialism, pointing to the idea of everything being satisfactory in a certain situation. Well on this track, said situation would be the lives of the vocalists. And of course in the world of rap music, living satisfactorily means having enough money to enjoy a rich lifestyle, complete with all of the perks that wealth affords. 

Thus, Roddy uses his verse to point out the variety of women he has at his disposal on top of the fact that he’s richer than the next man – being able to afford fancy whips, a well-secured home and what have you. 

Future starts off along a similar vein though promptly switches his focus to being protected by ‘evil killers’ who are ready and willing to take out his opps.

And as further illustrated by the chorus, what being “all good” actually entails, from Ricch’s perspective, is three very important things. They are as follows:

  • money
  • women
  • being able to attend the games of what is apparently his favorite hometown sports’ team, the Los Angeles Lakers

And also as a side note – as with the chorus of “Thailand“, the track that precedes “All Good” on the playlist of “Live Life Fast” – Roddy alludes to the notion of being a successful drug dealer.

Lyrics to Roddy Ricch's "All Good"

Release Date of “All Good”

On the 17th of December 2021, “All Good” was released. It is officially part of Roddy’s second studio album, “Live Life Fast”.

The album was released by two American record labels namely, Bird Vision Entertainment and Atlantic Records.

Late at Night”, a song from the album was officially released as a single on June 4 of 2021. It happened to be the only single that came off the album.


Apart from appearing on the song as a featured artist, American rapper, Future, collaborated with Roddy to compose the song. The pair also received writing credits from the following:

  • Beatsbyjuko
  • Keefa
  • Ronny J

Ronny J’s contribution to the song was not limited to writing. Being a professional music producer himself, he produced this song.

All Good

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