“Angel” by FINNEAS

FINNEAS’ “Angel” is a love song in which the singer is equating his significant other with “an angel”.  That is his roundabout way of saying that she is perfect. And most of the track is dedicated to him praising her using different angel-related metaphors. Other parts of the song are also centered on his desire to spend intimate moments with her. 

And one thing that becomes abundantly clear via the lyrics is that the addressee is someone the singer has a lot of admiration for. His lyrics seem to transcend the realm of romance and extend to him valuing her for the person she is. And what is she? To him, she is “an angel in disguise”.

Lyrics of "Angel"

Facts about “Angel”

  • Finneas has appropriately dedicated this song to his girlfriend, social-media personality Claudia Sulewski.
  • According to Finneas, he wrote this song within the span of an hour. He wrote it in Arizona while touring the United States with his little sister, music superstar Billie Eilish, in November of 2018.
  • “Angel” was released as a standalone single on 11 June 2019. It premiered on Apple Music’s Beats 1 radio via DJ Zane Lowe.
  • The multi-talented Finneas is the sole writer and producer of this song.

Is Billie Eilish featured on this track?

No, she isn’t.

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