“Shelter” by FINNEAS

This is a love song in which Finneas is referring to his significant other as his “shelter”. This means that, particularly from an emotional standpoint, she is his refuge when the outer world becomes unfavorable or uncomfortable.

We can derive some tidbits concerning the reality of their relationship and the singer’s individual character from this song. For instance, he seems to be somewhat of a pessimist or someone who has a doomsday attitude. It also appears that they may have hastily initiated their union despite being advised otherwise. However, the singer feels he had no choice in the matter due to the love he feels for his lady.

Overall the sentiment he is relaying is one where he is aware that there will be out and inner challenges in perpetuating this romance. However, he is committed to making it work out and implicitly desires a likewise commitment from his partner. And what all of the fancy metaphors contained throughout “Shelter” ultimately boil down to is the singer being deeply in love, and his romantic needs adequately being adequately fulfilled by his partner.

Lyrics of "Shelter"

Release Date of “Shelter”

Released on 22 August 2019, “Shelter” came out as Finneas’ first single from his debut EP, “Blood Harmony”.

Did Finneas write this song himself?

Yes. The multi-talented Finneas both wrote and produced the song.

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