“Anthems” by Charli XCX

Like other songs on Charli XCX’s “How I’m Feeling Now” album, this one is premised in the reality of the singer being under lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic. Now neither the disease nor the lockdown are ever actually mentioned. But what she does let be known is that she cannot hang out with her friends as her heart desires. Yes, she is able to spend intimate moments with her significant other. But still, she misses the thrill of a late night out on the town. 

Moreover she wishes she had the opportunity to just go out and enjoy nature. But more to the point, the titular “anthems” she is referring to is in fact an allegory for going out and engaging in some hard clubbing with her homeys.

Writing Credits

Below are the names of the writers who composed this tune with Charli:

  • D. Brady
  • D. L. Harle  

Release of “Anthems”

“Anthems” wasn’t a single. It therefore was released as part of the album it appears on (which is “How I’m Feeling Now”). Both “Anthems” and its album came out in May 2020.

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