“Enemy” by Charli XCX

This song is based on the old, popular adage “keep your friends close and your enemies closer”. But what it is more specifically centered on is the romantic relationship the narrator (Charli XCX) is in. And the sentimental foundation of her wording is that now she is becoming so close to her significant other that she is becoming alarmed. In other words, due to falling deeply in love, she knows she has now become vulnerable to having her heart broken by this individual. 

So she is wondering if he may actually be an “enemy” in disguise, i.e. someone who will in fact later devastate her emotional. Or stated comprehensively, she is nervous about fully giving her heart to another person.

“Maybe you’re my enemy
Now I’ve finally let you come a little close to me”

Was this a top 10 hit?

No. Neither did it make it onto the Billboard Charts.

Did Charli write “Enemy”?

Yes. Charli collaborated with the below-mentioned songwriters to write “Enemy”:

  •  J.E Stack
  • E. Teplin
  • B. Burton  

What genre would this tune be classified in?

Pop and to a certain degree electropop.

Production Details

BJ Burton (who is one of the song’s writers) took care of the production obligations.

When did Charli release “Enemy”?

Atlantic and Asylum Records released “Enemy” as well as its album “How I’m Feeling Now” in May 2020.

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