“Visions” by Charli XCX

The “visions” which the singer is experiencing is of she and her boyfriend enjoying a fulfilling life together. She is going out of her way to point out that she is having such fantasies apparently due to the fact that in the past their relationship has had its fair share of issues. So these same “voices” are also telling her to “hold on” to the romance despite all the past and to keep her significant other close. Therefore even though it may not necessarily make sense in the present, her “visions” of their joyful future in unison keeps her committed to their relationship.

Writing and Recording of “Visions”

Charli in conjunction with two songwriters and producers (Cook and Burton) wrote this song in her home studio. Cook and Burton also handled the production obligations of “Visions” (which was done at Charli’s home studios in L.A.). Actually, the entire album (“How I’m Feeling Now” was recorded at her home studio thanks to the 2020 pandemic.

Was this a single from “How I’m Feeling Now”?

No. The aforementioned album (which was released on 15-05-2020) produced three singles, namely:

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