“Bad Boy” by Juice WRLD & Young Thug

The title of this song was inspired by the Will Smith / Martin Lawrence film Bad Boys (1995), which serves as a classic piece of Black cinema for those who like action movies.  But the lyrics aren’t about reckless, free-spirited police officers as with the flick.  Rather when the homeys refer to themselves as a “bad boy”, that’s another way of saying that if you cross them the wrong way they can end up busting a cap.  Indeed the listener is made well aware that Juice WRLD and Thugger are in fact packing “the heat”.  And overall the track does go about presenting the vocalists as being reckless in their own right, though in terms of dispensing violence, hooking up with ladies and spending cash.

You can view the lyrics, alternate interprations and sheet music for Juice WRLD & Young Thug's Bad Boy at Lyrics.org.

Writing Credits for “Bad Boy”

In addition to the two rappers, the other author of this track is also its producer, Pi’erre Bourne. 


Apparently “Bad Boy” is to be featured on the second posthumous Juice WRLD album, which has reportedly been in production since late-2020.

Is this Juice WRLD’s first collaboration with Young Thug?

No. Juice (hailing from Chicago) and Thug (via the ATL) have collaborated on a handful of songs prior to this one, dating back to 2018’s “Red Bentley” (headlined by Future and Juice). Indeed the two rappers were actually friends who were in the process of putting together a collaborative album before WRLD passed away.

Release Date and Music Video

This track was released on 15 January 2021, roughly a year after Juice WRLD died in December of 2019. And whereas between then and now a number of songs have been released posthumously featuring his vocals, the music video to “Bad Boy” was actually the last one Juice filmed before passing away.

Said video was directed by Lyrical Lemonade’s Cole Bennett.


This track was named after the movie “Bad Boys”. However, it is primarily about the rappers being locked and loaded.

“Bad Boys” (1995)

“Bad Boys” is a film that came out via Columbia Pictures in 1995. It starred comedians Will Smith and Martin Lawrence at a time when the career of the latter in particular was at its peak. The flick was directed by legendary Hollywood filmographer Michael Bay and was more-exceptional than the conventional African-American action film. Indeed “Bad Boys” had a sequel in 2003 and another as recently as 2020. Moreover, right after finishing the third, the stars began working on a fourth installment. Basically, the series centers on two police detectives, the emotional family man Marcus Burnett (Martin Lawrence) and the level-headed playboy Michael Lowrey (Will Smith), who tend to get in over their heads in the pursuit of justice.

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