“Hear Me Calling” Juice WRLD

In “Hear Me Calling”, American rapper and singer Juice WRLD is addressing the woman he loves. There seems to be some beef between them. For instance, in the first verse, Juice relays a short tale of homegirl apparently making an attempt to leave him. Also in the chorus, he repeatedly questions whether she is acknowledging his phone call, insinuating that she is ignoring him. However, most of Juice’s lyrics are dedicated to his adoration of this female. In fact he assures his honeybun that when he attempts to reach her, it’s not to incite any drama but rather in the name of love.

It can be deemed from this song that what Juice enjoys most about this relationship is his physical interactions with the female. To put differently, he devotes just as much of his rap to detailing their intimate lives as he does expressing general affection for her. However, the primary messages he is putting forth are clear. This is a woman he cares very much about. And dealing with her on a romantic level edifies his overall existence.

Lyrics of Juice WRLD's "Hear Me Calling"

Quick Facts about “Hear Me Calling”

  • Juice WRLD co-wrote the track with its producer Purps On The Beat.
  • In the song’s intro, Juice gives a big shoutout to Purps.
  • “Hear Me Calling” was released on March 1, 2019. It was released as a single.
  • This is officially the first released work of Juice that producer Purps On The Beat worked on.
  •  “Hear Me Calling” came out as Juice WRLD’s second single of 2019 following “Robbery“.
  • Interestingly enough, many mistake the title of this song to be “Do You Hear Me Calling” instead of “Hear Me Calling”.

On which Juice WRLD album does “Hear Me Calling” appear?

It is the second single from WRLD’s second studio album. That album is titled A Deathrace for Love. The song “Robbery” was the first single to be released from A Deathrace for Love.

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