Meaning of “Fine China” by Future & Juice WRLD

“Fine China” is a song by American rappers/singers Juice WRLD and Future. In this song, Juice WRLD and Future, who are head over heels in love with their respective woman, do nothing but express their intense love for their lovers. In expressing his intense love for his woman, Juice WRLD compares her to fine china. Such is how extraordinarily precious she is to him. For those who might be wondering what fine china is, it is simply porcelain. And porcelain is famed for its beauty and preciousness.

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Juice WRLD takes things too far in his lyrics

All would have been okay had Juice WRLD just ended after comparing his lover to porcelain. However, he goes on and on till he gets to the point where he begins to show serious signs of having unhealthy/obsessive feelings of infatuation towards her. In one line, he says “it’s her body or nobody”. He even mentions how he isn’t ready to compromise for anybody apart from her. In another truly scary part of the lyrics (the scariest part of the song), he actually threatens to kill her should she leave him.

“It’s her body or nobody
I refuse to compromise
So if she leaves, I’ma kill her, oh, she’ll die”

If the above lines aren’t crystal clear signs of serious obsessive love disorder, we don’t know what are!

Facts about “Fine China”

  • Juice WRLD composed this track with fellow rapper Future.
  • Music producers Wheezy, SinGrinch and Psymun teamed up to produce this track.
  • “Fine China” was officially dropped on October 15, 2018. It is the third and one of the most popular songs on the album Future & Juice WRLD Present… WRLD ON DRUGS. The album is a collaborative project between Juice WRLD and Future.
  • Juice WRLD’s explicit threat to kill his woman in the song caused outrage among many. According to them, such lyrics promote violence against women. It is noteworthy that this isn’t the first time that Juice WRLD has threatened to take a woman’s life in a song. For example, he did the same in a number of past tracks, including “Candles” and “Used To”.
  • Unlike Juice WRLD, in his verses, Future steers clear of violence against women. He just expresses his love for his woman without going overboard.


Was “Fine China” released as a single?

Yes. It was. As a matter of fact, the track was released as the lead single from the collaborative album WRLD ON DRUGS.

Has Juice WRLD ever been accused of portraying violent behavior towards women?

No. He might have condoned violence against woman in a number of tracks, but so far (as of October 21, 2018), he hasn’t been accused of such despicable act.

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