Juice WRLD’s “Robbery” Lyrics Meaning

The chorus and title of this track is based on Juice WRLD comparing his heartbreak to a bank robbery. In other words, he is stating that his ex-girlfriend stole his heart, just as a robber steals from a bank. As such, the song is centered on Juice’s reactions to losing his shorty. And it has a strongly-personal vibe, with WRLD himself stating that the album it is featured on, “A Deathrace for Love”, being an artistic expression of his inner soul.

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On an emotional level, Juice seems conflicted over “running from her love” or persistently trying to win her back. What he ultimately admits is that he ‘just wants to be with’ his shorty.  In other words, he can’t forget about her despite obviously attempting to do so. So to deal with the angst experienced from being shunned by the woman he loves, WRLD has resorted to options such as getting high. However, he states that using drugs is already one of his favorite pastimes, and he even gives a shoutout to a famous liquor brand at the beginning of “Robbery”.

Despite the fact that this woman conscientiously avoids Juice, there does seem to be times when they do meet. WRLD confesses that during these occasions he has feelings of uneasiness and even paranoia. The wording during this part of the song is a bit elusive. However, it seems to indicate that Juice fears being setup to get robbed by his own shorties, which is something that does occasionally happen to big-name rappers. Overall though, it seems clear that despite what he is going through emotionally, Juice would very much like to get reacquainted romantically with this lady.

Robbery lyrics

Facts about “Robbery”

  • Writer(s): This song was written by Juice’s established associate Nick Mira as well as WRLD himself.
  • Producer(s): Nick Mira also produced the track.
  • Album/EP: This track is off of Juice WRLD’s 2019 album titled A Deathrace for Love. The aforementioned record is Wrld’s second studio album. The song “Hear Me Calling” is the second single from this album.
  • Release Date: “Robbery” itself was released as a single on 13 February 2019.
  • Record Label: The labels behind this track are Universal Music Group, Interscope Records and Grade A.
  • Interesting Stuff: “Robbery” was the first proper single Wrld released in 2019. Prior to this track, he collaborated with Halsey on the remix of her hit single “Without Me“. That was his first material for the year in question.

20 Responses

  1. JUICE WRLD says:

    This [explicit] is funny

  2. Anonymous says:

    wait wait, did the real Eminem reply to this????? 😀 O_O???

  3. anonymous says:

    na he was probably real

  4. DaBaby says:

    Yo i is real. Dis man cray cray

  5. Juice wrld fan says:

    I’m a damn free person


    It’s really sad man 🥺
    Keep listening and listening to his songs
    I never get tired if it

  7. Anonymous says:

    Its so sad

  8. Kara Standridge says:

    It makes me think of two different people. One person around the time of when the song was produced and I think about from time to time that I dont see. And one person from recently in the past year breakup where I left him and ran from him. And I occasionally see him. But I think about the recent person more than the other. And when reading the lyrics I try to figure who is this talking about in my life, and I get conflicted over both of them. One being someone I loved and mistreated. And one being someone I loved and got mistreated by but yet still have love for both of them in my hearts but can’t get one of them out of my head. See my dilemma? And now I’m trying to not go back. And feeling this torn feeling about it at the same time.
    Now I find myself trying to pass time by and I hate to admit it because I’m not trying to.. but it is what it is, and someone likes me and I don’t like them back because I’m waiting for someone else. But they’re a nice person and we’re friends and trying to stay that way but when playing sea battle on our phones, this song came up, playing in the back of my head.
    “I don’t like this game”
    “Why did you choose it😂”
    *Because you didn’t like the basketball one, and I won the basketball one so I gave one he might win*
    *song starts playing in my head. “She told me put my heart in the bag”*
    And I don’t like this. Makes me feel like a horrible person even though I’m not trying to be. I’m trying to be quite the opposite. God already changed me but I got bad habits.

  9. philly bob joe says:

    “when you come around”
    hits hard ykk

  10. juice wrlds son says:

    juice wrld need respect

  11. Tudy says:

    Rest in Peace man 999

  12. noah says:

    this somg relates to me and my girlfriend the most rip the goat

  13. Anonymous says:

    finish the lyrics…. She told me put my heart……

  14. Adwoa Emtee says:

    In the bag ane nobody get hurt

  15. Anonymous says:

    Now I’m running from her love..

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