“Bali” by Rich Brian & Guapdad 4000

“Bali” is one of those types of rap songs whereas the rapper, in this case Rich Brian, is not only bragging about his own success. But equally to the point is that he is throwing his success in the face of a hater(s) who cannot match up to it. So yes, there is definitely a strong braggadocious element. And that’s what the title of this song alludes to, as “Bali” is actually a popular chillin’ spot in his homeland of Indonesia. So the referencing of this location actually points to the idea that the rapper(s) does in fact do a lot of chillin’. And Brian more or less credits his success to his hard-work ethic.

You can view the lyrics, alternate interprations and sheet music for Guapdad 4000's Bali at Lyrics.org.

Meanwhile Guapdad 4000 also seems to be pretty high on himself. And unlike his co-star he is not addressing a rival but rather just generally celebrating his lifestyle.

So if we were to take what both he and Brian are saying and condense it into one thesis sentiment, it would be that both of these artists are truly enjoying their lives.

Lyrics of "Bali"

Facts about “Bali”

Rich Brian, Bēkon and Rappy produced this track in addition to serving as co-writers.

And the other co-writers are:

  • Guapdad
  • Craig Balmoris
  • Daniel Krieger
  • Caloway

88rising in partnership with 12Tone Music released “Bali” on the date of 10 April 2020.

“Bali” is the first collaboration between Rich and Guapdad, with the latter hailing from Oakland, California.

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