“DOA” by Rich Brian

On “DOA”, Rich Brian is addressing a competitor. And like popular rappers tend to do, he is touting his success over that of this individual(s). Accordingly the title is short for the phrase “dead on arrival”, which in this context reads as an allusion to Rich’s rival’s inferiority.

You can view the lyrics, alternate interprations and sheet music for Rich Brian's DOA at Lyrics.org.

However, based on the rapper’s own explanation of the song, it does not seem that he is attacking a particular person per se. Rather the lyrics serve the purpose of self-motivating Rich. Indeed even outside of the braggadocious elements, we get a glimpse into his personal lifestyle. For instance, Brian lets it be known that he “never liked the sunlight anyway”, as he is more of a nocturnal person.

Summary: The rapper proclaims his competitors ‘dead on arrival’, basically meaning they have no chance of matching up to him.

“DOA” was written by Brandon Wollman, Antoine Norwood and Brian. Brian also produced the track in conjunction with Santell and a musical group called Suburban Plaza.

“DOA” came out on 25 August 2020 as part of Brian’s EP entitled “1999”. And the record labels which supported him are 88rising and 12Tone Music.

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