“Kids” by Rich Brian

Within the context of the lyrics of Rich Brian’s “Kids”, its title can be interpreted in a couple of different ways. On one hand, Rich Brian can be referring to himself and his peers (i.e. Sean Miyashiro at 88rising and his siblings, both of whom he references) as the titular “kids”.  When viewed from that perspective, then the intended-main topic of this song would be that Rich’s come up from an unlikely background (Indonesia) to currently being one of the hottest rappers in the game. 

Or it can be viewed from the standpoint of Rich addressing the “kids” in the audience. For instance, he implies in the first that he wants “Asian kids” to be inspired by his success. Furthermore, he also states that, while he was a kid in the past, now “kids want to be like (him)”.

But from whatever of these perspectives you may choose to analyze this song, what it ultimately boils down to is being centered on Rich Brian’s success and his desire for even more. The artist acknowledges that his rise to fame has been even more-challenging, in its own way, than those of more-orthodox rappers. But despite coming from a part of the world which is an afterthought in the world of international hip-hop, he is still out to be “the greatest one”. 

Indeed Rich considers himself “a legend” and intends prove such. And if he can inspire children with his backstory and tenacious drive, then that serves as an added benefit to the rapper.

When “Kids” was officially released

12 Tone Music in partnership with 88rising released “Kids” on 17 July 2019.  It is expected to be featured Rich Brian’s 2019 album, The Sailor. The single “Yellow” (which came out in June 2019) was the first single Brian released from The Sailor.

Production and Writing

This song has five producers. They are:

  • Rappy
  • Craig Balmoris
  • Frank Dukes
  • Bēkon
  • Rich Briann

 Those individuals also co-wrote the song along with songwriters Caloway as well as Sean Miyashiro.

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