“Where Does the Time Go” by Rich Brian (ft. Joji)

“Where Does the Time Go” is a song Rich Brian wrote post-breakup. And in an interview where he commented on the inspiration behind the track, Rich stated that one of its intended purposes was to make his ex-girlfriend “cry”. Within the context of the discussion, that statement may be interpreted as being more sentimental than anger-driven. However, when analyzing the lyrics of “Where Does the Time Go”, it is clear that Brian is actually out to hurt his ex’s feelings.

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Or more to the point, said breakup has empowered him with a strong, outspoken distrust of women, whom he uses an expletive word to refer to throughout. Perhaps he is not applying such a negative connotation to all females but definitely the ones whom he is attracted to, as in those who are presumably part of his same generation. The foundation of his gripe with the opposite sex is based on Rich concluding that “they don’t care about” him.

And based on being privy to the aforementioned background of this track, it becomes more obvious that at certain points he is speaking directly to his ex. And in that regard, it is pretty clear that Rich is pissed off concerning some of her actions. And at the same time, as alluded to earlier, it can also be argued that he has a general beef against women. Indeed Rich himself is now “afraid of what (he’s ) become”.  Perhaps this statement is not directly sourced in his feelings about women. However, this sentiment has resulted in him being reluctant to deal with them, again on a romantic level, as well as apparently with people in general. In fact Brian (backed by Joji) states that he is “[expletive] terrified”, though what exactly is the foundation of this fear is never forthrightly mentioned.

Joji steps in

Meanwhile Joji concludes the song by entreating the addressee to “believe in” him. The intended recipient would logically be, once again, a romantic interest. And he ends by repeatedly telling this person to ‘catch him if they can’.  One way this is to be interpreted is as the artists telling said ladies that if they are interested in a personal relationship, then it is up to them to maintain the pursuit of such.  And the title of the track would apparently allude to Rich Brian in particular marveling over how much “time” has elapsed since his breakup.

Release Date of “Where Does the Time Go”

“Where Does the Time Go” was released as part of Rich Brian’s album The Sailor on 26 July 2019. The record labels behind the track are 88rising Music alongside 12Tone Music. The famous songs “Yellow” and “Kids” also appear on The Sailor.

Is this Rich Brian’s first collabo with Joji?

No. Rich Brian has worked extensively with Joji in the recent past, having collaborated with his label mate three times in 2018.

Who wrote and produced “Where Does the Time Go”?

It was produced by Bēkon and Rappy. Bēkon also contributed additional vocals and is one of the song’s co-writers.

And the other co-writers are:

  • Craig Balmoris
  • Sergiu Gherman
  • Daniel Krieger
  • Caloway
  • Rich Brian
  • Joji

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